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Completely customizable clues hunt games for your fun parties!

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Unforgettable office event

Make your next team building exercise unforgettable with scavenger hunt game.

Get your birthday party famous
Kids treasure hunt

Have the star event of kid's birthday party.
A treasure hunt game, ready to play in just 10 minutes.

Few Reviews
Rita Stevens
Kids had amazing fun! They all were super excited whenever they cracked a clue and found the next location. Would love to have it for the birthday party of my younger one.
Miguel Carpenter
IT Consultant
We organized the scavenger hunt for my team's outing. Even the 50 year olds were running like anything. Never had such fun on office events. Highly recoomend cueshunt.games.
Requently Asked Questions
You should know this
Here are few questions which you may have. You are most welcome to ask anything about
Clueshunt Games by writing us at contact@clueshunt.games
What is a Clue Hunt game?
Players solve series of challenging clues to decipher either objects to collect (Scavenger Hunt) or identify the location of next clue (Treasure Hunt).
Who all can play this game?
Almost everyone! We have arranged these games for kids as young as 5 years to seniors upto 70 years. Although all behave like child while playing this.
Where can we play this game?
The game can be played indoors, in your backyard, in office or in a park. Our system shows the clue hiding locations or objects based on your selected game location.
How much the game cost?
It is very simple. Every clue is $2.5 and you choose number of clues. You can create a game with minimum 6 clues. More than 12 clues can be mentally exhausting for players.
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