Years in creating Clues Hunt Games

It all started when I wanted to have an engaging and fun game for my daughter's 5th birthday party. I wanted it to be unforgettable experience for her and all of her friends.

I wrote some clues on paper chits for indoor objects like sofa, television, refrigerator etc and handed over the first clue to kids and asked them to find the treasure. Oh Boy! They are now adults but still recall that 25th July, my daughter's birthday party.

Then I did it for my team at office. But I changed the format for them, now clues were for common things. Instead of hiding clues, I asked them to collect those things. Huge success again!

After that people started asking me to run the hunts for them and I organized clues hunt games for countless occasions.

Then I created this website for people world over to enjoy these games. If you plan to run this for under privileged children, just drop me a note and this will be free for you.

  • These games are fully customizable as per your play area and age of players
  • You can select everything, number of clues, locations and even how the clue will look like as a puzzle
Bringing smiles to the parties world over
Happy Players