General Questions
  • What is a Clue Hunt game?

    Players solve series of challenging clues to decipher either objects to collect (Scavenger Hunt) or identify the location of next clue (Treasure Hunt). Players who solve all the clues correctly win.

  • You can select clues presentation. It can be a pure text clue or a two level clue. Players first crack the code to find out the clue text and then solve the clue to find out the location or object.

  • Almost everyone! We have arranged these games for kids as young as 5 years to seniors upto 70 years. Although all behave like child while playing this.

  • The clues are always a mix of tough and simple to keep up the motivation, excitement and energy. Our system automatically reduced the complexity of clues based on players age. On the other hand you can choose simpler clue presentations for younger players.

  • The final game PDF contains all the instructions to setup and run the game. You can see the sample game file. We even provide hints which you can give to players if they are stuck on a particular clue.

  • The game can be played indoors, in your backyard, in office or in a park. Our system shows the clue hiding locations or objects based on your selected game location.

Game Cost and Payment
  • It can be, if you are running the game for underprivileged children. Just drop us a mail at contact@clueshunt.games with details and we'll be happy to make the game free for your noble cause.

  • It is very simple. Every clue is $2.5 and you get to choose number of clues. You can create a game with minimum 6 clues. We suggest not to have more than 12 clues in any game as it can be mentally exhausting for players.

  • See! Clueshunt.games is all about making sure that players have fun. If for any reason you think it was not up to your expectation and players didn't enjoy then write deatils to us at contact@clueshunt.games and we'll refund your full money without any questions.

  • After you generate your hunt game, you need to make the payment to get the download link. You can find this link on your profile page also. In case of any problems write to us at contact@clueshunt.games and we'll provide the support with-in one working day.

  • Absolutely! If you have generated a game then it'll be available in your profile. You can pay and download any time. If you had already paid then it can be downloaded directly.

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